Welcome to my big retrospect museum show at Teckningsmuseet i Laholm (The Museum of Drawings in Laholm, Sweden)

Summer 2019, June 1 – Sept 29

From teckningsmuseet.se:

Martin Ander’s maximalist imagery is characterized by distinct lines, clear colours, retro-romantic debauchery and layers of subcultural references. The illustrations are always on spot and masterfully designed. The address is available and direct, while the vast details and surrealistic angels of approach make the experience immerse and keep the viewers attention maintained. Aside from punk-, graffiti- and the skateboard culture’s graphic and aesthetics, he mentions the comic book MAD, the artist Hans Arnold and the 1960s underground artist in the USA as sources of inspiration.

The exhibition at Teckningsmuseet will show you selected works from Martin Ander’s versatile career. You will, among his art, see skateboards, books, packages, tour posters, album covers, and not least the original of many of his drawings.